Dozens of political scientists and legal scholars use data on European Union laws in their research. The provenance of these data is …

In my research I frequently encounter count data that has a temporal dimension. The standard way of visualizing such data is to take …

In my work I often resort to topic modelling to summarize otherwise intractable textual corpora. Anyone even vaguely familiar with …

In a recent paper in which I analysed experimental data on law students’ aversion to politically motivated legal arguments, I …

In February 2019 I organized and taught a 12-hour course introducing legal researchers to data analysis. This initiative was born out …

Blogs & Op-eds

Teaching & Presenting


Spring: Co-teaching an interdisciplinary course on the European Court of Justice at KU Leuven

January: Invited speaker at a webinar with the Institute for European Law at KU Leuven to discuss developments in EU rule of law policy


November: Spoke about a “New Generation of International Law Databases” as part of the Computational and Empirical International Law Speaker Series

November: Taught a guest lecture about rule of law backsliding in the European Union for students of the Master of European Studies at KU Leuven

September: Defended my PhD thesis on competence contestation in the European Union at KU Leuven

August: With co-authors presented our research on drivers of state interventions before EU courts as part of the ECPR Law & Courts webinar series

July: Presented my research on estimating the preferences of the European Court of Justice as part of the ECPR Law & Courts webinar series


Fall: Taught data science tutorials as part of “Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Europe and the World” (Master of European Studies)

October: Introduction to EU Institutions and Law (Master of European Studies)

July: Presented my experimental paper “Apolitical Lawyer” at IVR Congress in Luzern

July: Introduction to EU Institutions and the Rule of Law Crisis (Global Governance and International Law Summer School, Leuven)

June: Presented my paper on EUSSUE Attention at Quantitative Text Analysis Workshop in Dublin and EPSA Annual Conference in Belfast

February: From Law to Data. A short course introducing data manipulation and analysis in Excel and R intended to popularize data science at Belgian law faculties.


Fall: Teaching assistant on the course ‘Fondements de droit’

November: EU law tutorial on the concept of legal basis

October: Introduction to EU Institutions and Law (Master of European Studies)


November: EU law tutorial on the relationship between the EU Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights

October: Tutorial simulating Brexit negotiations with a design combining elements of two-level game theory and mixed-motive bargaining. Each student played an individual actor with unique preferences (altogether 22 inividual dossiers were drafted).